sign up now! Olympic Weightlifting Technique Seminar: September 22nd

Looking to refine your technique in the snatch and clean and jerk?

Sign up now for CFFW’s first Olympic Weightlifting Technique Seminar on Saturday, September 22nd with Coach Shan O and Jeremy

Who can sign up?
· Anyone! No prior experience is necessary, but you must be an existing member of CFFW.

How many can sign up?
· The first 13 men and 13 women who register, as this is how many of each barbell we have.

What can I expect?
· This two-hour seminar will focus on the snatch and clean and jerk. We’ll go over warm up drills, refine technique, and troubleshoot issues. There will be something for everyone, whether you’re new to the Olympic lifts or have been doing them for years.

When is it?
· Saturday, September 22ndfrom 11:15 AM – 1:15 PM

How much does it cost?
· $50 per person

How do I sign up?
· Throw your name on the whiteboard in the back and talk to Margi about registration next time you see her or email her at!

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