Paleo Picnic, Garden Update, Crepes

The weather has been ahhhhmazing and hopfully you’ve been able to take advantage of it.  We headed down to Dash Point Pier with the preschool and had a lovely paleo picnic lunch of chicken apple sauce, veggies, and canteloupe.  And water.














We added another raised bed, this one for root vegetables.  We used Full Circle coardboard boxes instead of landscaping fabric because it will prevent weeds and grass from growing and will decompose naturally.  The beagles have gotten into the other bed, destroying all but a few spinach plants, some strawberries, and broccoli.  Bad beagles.  We also had our first harvest: green onions!

























After the wod on Monday, Anne, Denise and I were talking about wraps it got me thinking about how we all love to wrap something up and eat it.  So I did some experimenting and came up with this recipe and then did some research on the interwebs and there are tons of recipes out there.  Call them wraps, crepes, tortillas, whatever, the point is to wrap deliciousness inside.  The kids, who are very particular about eggs, gobbled these up.  It might have been because they tasted good, or because I told them they were crepes which are French and they were fancy for eating them.  Either way, these are great sweet or savory.

5 eggs
splash of water
pinch of salt
coconut oil
assorted fillings

Add eggs, water, and salt into a blender and blend.  You want the batter to be thin so add another splash of water if necessary.  Over medium heat, warm a bit of coconut oil in the pan (I used an 8″ non-stick) and melt.  Pour a little of the batter into the pan and let cook but not brown.  Use a rubber spatula to carefully flip (don’t rip it!) and cook for a few seconds.  Repeat until batter is gone (this made 15-8″ crepes).  Fill with whatever you’d like, wrap, and enjoy.

IMG_1430 Diced cucmber, lox, capers




Sliced or diced strawberries



Nut butter and banana



Sauteed kale, chorizo, and diced red peppers





Leftover taco meat, salsa, diced jalapeno


This is only what I had in the fridge, you can wrap so many other things; your options are only limited to your imagination!  I hope the challenge is going well for you.  Keep eating right and wodding strong!