Wednesday cleans 

Congrats to Layne and David for getting their first ring muscle ups today!

Harder than it looked 

Kettlebell Clinic with Dr. Anthony Aamodt

Dr. Anthony Aamodt and Dr. Cami Stastny from NW Sports Rehab are coming to CFFW to host a Russian kettlebell class. This is a great opportunity to improve your swing.

Topics of focus:
The hip hinge
Proper body positioning
Breathing techniques for explosive power during the swing
Sumo kettlebell deadlift
Two arm Russian kettlebell swing
Single arm swing
Finale: using the swing for practical application for other forms of training

Saturday May 20th
$25 per person
Space is limited! Sign up on the back whiteboard at the gym or email info@crossfitfw.com to secure your spot.

Monday Funday!!

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