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1. Name – Susan Greenside

2. Age – 35

3. Where did you grow up? – I was Born in Florida, moved around the East Coast, but ended up in Washington and I am proud to call Western Washington my home.

4. What do you do for a living? – I have a little hair salon in Tacoma.

5. Do you have any children? Names? Ages? – I have two boys, Sebastian is 14 and Joseph is 7.

6. If money wasn’t an object what would your profession be? – Money or calories?! If calories weren’t an issue I’d be a professional wine taster! But really, I love what I do so maybe just have a larger salon with more stylists so I could be more of a mentor to them.

7. Where is the most interesting place you’ve ever traveled? – Coos Bay…I just can’t believe people live there…Oh, there was a haunted cave in South Carolina I visited when I was a kid that was pretty creepy. (Could have just been the stories the tour guy was telling us, or was it…..)

8. Tell us something about you we might not already know. – I would love to live on a farm with chickens, goats and other animals, so I tried to create a tiny urban farm in my backyard and have a handful of chickens and a little veggie garden 🙂

9. Do you have any hidden talents? – I can make money disappear. I can also swim and drink beer at the same time without getting a single drop of water in it.

10. When did you become a member at Crossfit Federal Way? – April of 2015

11. When did you realize Crossfit is right for you? – When I could start to feel my abs!

12. What is your favorite WOD/movement? – Opening the FitAid door, because that means I’m done! Back Squats are really my favorite, it makes me feel really strong and they are great for building my rear end 😉

13. What is your least favorite WOD/movement? – BOX JUMPS because I’m only 5 feet tall. :/

14. What is one thing you have done at CFFW that you thought you’d never do? – Actually be able to lift heavy weights. Before doing crossfit when I would watch people lift that barbell with all that weight on it, it looked so daunting! I never thought I would be able to do anything like that.

15. What advice would you give to someone just getting started with Crossfit? – To focus on yourself and not what others around you are doing. Every day is a different day so do the best you can do today.

16. What are your goals? – To have a big round sexy butt like Margi!!!

17. Fill in the blank (one word)

I eat…….food?

I do……..allthethings

I like…….wine

I am…….awesome!

18. Anything else you’d like to add? CFFW has really changed my life. When I started in April I was 25lbs heavier and I couldn’t make it around the buildings for the 400m run without stopping to walk. Crossfit has been an amazing for me, the feeling of accomplishment it gives me is so motivating for every aspect of my life.

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  1. Love this! And love having you at the 5:30 class! You’ve done awesome things in the time you’ve been at CFFW! And you’re a great hairstylist 🙂

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