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CFFW Staff Photo - Margi 


Owner, Gym Manager, CF-L1, Olympic Lifting Certificate
Margi (pronounced Mar-GHEE, like the butter) has been CrossFitting since July 2010. She hasn’t been a lifelong athlete (gasp!) in fact she was more of a “fitness sampler”. She tried a variety of different workouts and eventually got bored after about 3 months and moved onto the next thing. Kick-boxing, hot yoga, Body For Life, aerobics, power walking, long distance running, circuit training, bootcamp, at home DVDs….you name it she tried it. After giving birth to her second son she realized things had to change (it wasn’t pretty!). She made the scary choice of joining CrossFit Tacoma with her husband Derek, who had joined about 6 months prior and wouldn’t stop talking about his thrusters and snatch. She loved Crossfit so much she convinced Derek to open Crossfit Federal Way in 2011.

She loves the community and competition she finds at CrossFit and loves the fact that CFFW has a variety of members and is welcoming to all newcomers. CFFW has members of all ages and fitness levels including teenagers, grandparents, pregnant women, athletes with previous injuries and more. Margi loves coaching and using her educational background to help people learn even the most technical movements. She had to learn all of the CF movements and nothing came easily. She has lots of tips and easy cues to help with form and technique.

She’s married to Derek and together they are a dymamic CrossFitting duo. She likes to spend time with Derek and their two sons, dog Murph…. 10# of pure badassness, travel, read, and go shopping. Margi graduated from Central Washington University with a BA in Spanish and graduated from PLU with an MA in Education. She recently retired from her teaching job to run CFFW full-time. She’s at the gym nearly every day. If you need anything at all just ask or email her at

CFFW Staff Photo - Derek


Owner, CF-L1, Olympic Lifting Certificate, EMT-B, ACE Certificate
Derek is a lieutenant for the Tacoma Fire Department. He loves to play and watch soccer, go fishing, travel, and spend time with friends and family. He’s very passionate about CrossFit, nutrition, and his hair.

Derek’s favorite WODs are anything with a heavy deadlift and his least favorite movement is handstand push ups.

CFFW Staff Photo - Eric


Owner, CF-L1, Olympic Lifting Certificate
Eric has been CrossFitting since October 2010. He has always been a gym rat and was convinced he was in optimal shape….until he tried his first CrossFit WOD. He was humbled after his first WOD and hasn’t stopped CrossFitting since. Eric is married to his high school sweetheart and they have two amazing kids.

Eric’s favorite WODs are anything with bodyweight (pull ups, handstand push ups, dips, and muscle ups. His least favorite WODs are anything with wall balls and deadlifts.

CFFW Staff Photo - Trever


Trever is a former professional hockey player who has been CrossFitting since 2012 and took his L1 Cert while living in NYC.  CrossFit has been a great new way to train and build new relationships along the way.  Trever enjoys playing and watching most sports, especially when his twin daughters Kayla and Khloe are playing.  He also loves drinking Starbucks with his wife Dija and going on beach walks with his dog Rx.

Trever’s favorite WODs are anything with handstand push ups and he’s not crazy about WODs with rope climbs.

CFFW Staff Photo - Shannon G.

Shannon G.S.

Shannon has been CrossFitting since CFFW opened in Spring of 2011. Before joining CrossFit she was a distance runner and lifted weights from time to time. After her first WOD she was hooked on the variety of the workouts from day to day, mastering new skills and the fact she always left feeling like she had the best workout ever!

In her spare time Shannon is a counselor at Stadium High school. She maintained her love for running by coaching middle school track and cross country but has decided she loves coaching at CFFW more! She loves helping people master new skills and fall in love with CrossFit.

Her favorite movements are overhead squat, hang squat snatch, sandbag runs or sled pulls and becoming proficient at movements involving bars or rings. Her least favorite things (which she tries not to avoid) are WODS containing deadlifts, rope climbs or handstand pushups and rest days! On the weekends you will most likely find Shannon anywhere that serves a good margarita.

CFFW Staff Photo - Shannon O.

Shannon O.

CF-L1, USAW Sports Performance Coach
Shannon has been CrossFitting since January of 2013. She loves CrossFit because the time she spends at CFFW is the best part of her day and she never thought she’d love working out.  She loves seeing how strong, healthy, and happy people get when they commit to  making positive change in their lives through CrossFit.  Shannon believes that CrossFit is for everyone!

When Shannon is adulting, she works in the buying office at REI, but in her spare time she hangs out with her husband and dog, rides her bike, goes hiking, and watches horror movies.

Shannon’s favorite WODs are anything with heavy cleans, snatches, and jerks.  Her least favorite WODs usually have running in them.

CFFW Staff Photo - Nicole


Nicole has been CrossFitting since September 2013 but has grown up in gyms and working out with her mom and dad, who is a competitive bodybuilder. After competing in figure competitions and constantly being on strict diets for 3 1/2 years, Nicole decided it was time for a change. She wanted to reignite her passion for working out and stay out of the cycle of yo-yo dieting that often comes with competing in physique competitions. After completing her first (very modified) WOD at CFFW, Nicole fell in love and was hooked.

Nicole graduated from the University of Washington with her BA in Psychology and is currently attending the University of Puget Sound for her Master’s of Ed in Counseling. She works mornings at a coffee stand and loves to read and be active with her boyfriend and puppy.

One of Nicole’s favorite things about CrossFit is watching herself and others gain confidence in themselves and their bodies. She thinks it’s fun to complete a tough workout and have your fellow WODers suffering through it right next you and cheering each other on! Her favorite WODs are anything involving thrusters, burpees and heavy olympic lifting. Her least favorite movements are wall balls and double-unders.

CFFW Staff Photo - Allison


Allison has been enjoying CrossFit since May of 2011. She has always enjoyed being active, but was definitely hesitant in starting CrossFit. Why? Because she had heard about how much fun it was, but she was scared to be the new kid in class who didn’t have a clue what was going on. Well, one day Allison decided that she was being silly and needed to get over her fears and start having fun while getting in shape. Allison has been a regular participant in workouts at CFFW ever since that wonderful day. She likes CrossFit so much that she became a coach in October 2011. She loves introducing people to CrossFit and helping them get past those initial fears of taking on a new challenge. She firmly believes that CrossFit is for everyone.

Allison’s favorite WODs are any workouts where the people working out achieve goals that seemed impossible. Allison’s least favorite WODs are any workouts that don’t involve smiling and sweating at the same time. Good thing that never happens with CrossFit!! Wanna know more about Allison? Stop in for a workout and meet her in person.

CFFW Staff Photo - Greg J.

Greg Johnson, DC

As a sports medicine chiropractor, Greg understands the importance of proper foundational functional movements. He is fairly new to Crossfit but enjoys the community at CFFW. He appreciates the constantly revolving workouts that avoid the monotony of a traditional gym. In his spare time, Greg likes to skateboard, snowboard, play golf and soccer. Greg hosts monthly functional movement seminars as CFFW to help diagnose individual mobility issues. All movement screenings are free to CFFW members. Make sure to sign up for the next seminar. Greg can usually be found performing preparatory exercises a few minutes before class. Get to know Greg, he’s a very valuable resource at CFFW.

Post-graduate certifications include:

  • A.R.T.® (Active Release Techniques® full-body certified)
  • Graston™ Technique certified
  • SFMA™ (Selective Functional Movement Assessment certified)

Greg’s favorite movements are deadlifts, Turkish get- ups and kettlebell swings. His least favorite movements are toes-to-bar, wall balls, and overhead squats.

CFFW Staff Photo - Kelly M.


Yoga instructor, Level 1 YogaFit
It used to be that Kelly was too energetic and impatient for yoga, giggling in class and looking at the clock to see if it was almost done. Then she had children and what she thought was a fast-paced, energetic life was nothing compared to raising two kids.

Working out at the gym, including yoga, became more important than ever to her well-being. Thanks to Amy Dill, Derek, Margi, and Eric for making it possible to bring yoga to CrossFit; it melds her two favorite things in life: adventure by scaring the crap out of herself with challenging Crossfit WODS, and then bringing herself back to center, increasing flexibility and balance with yoga, so she can be a better parent and human being.

Yoga at CrossFit is fun and welcoming to all levels of ability. Come work on your flexibility, balance, and breathing/mindfulness, and see how that will help your future WODS! Carpe diem!