Remember to register for the 2018 Crossfit Open now! Team draft is TOMORROW!!!

The 2018 Reebok Crossfit Open starts on Thursday February 22nd, 2018. Just like last year, CFFW will host Friday Night Lights. Friday Night Lights is basically an open gym on Friday evenings to get together with your team and perform the Open workout of the week, hours are 3:30-7:30pm.

Although many CFFWers have already registered for the open, some of you still have reservations. I want to reassure you that this is ALL ABOUT FUN!!! The focus of the CFFW Open is to bond together as a community, push ourselves a little harder than we normally would, and have tons of fun. You will not hold your team back, it doesn’t matter if you’re not the best athlete in the gym, there are plenty of ways to earn points for your team and a top score is only one of them (see point values below). This event is going to be a blast and if you don’t sign up you’re going to be very sad to be left out of all the festivities. We will not be doing costumes this year. We will do color wars instead. Each team captain will pick a team color and your team will wear the chosen color to Friday Night Lights. Did I mention we have a DJ every week and a Taco Truck on the last night of the Crossfit Open?!?

Register here, and CHOOSE CROSSFIT FEDERAL WAY AS YOUR TEAM. (We cannot add you to the team, you must select your team from your athlete page.)  

Non-members are welcome to drop in and complete any or all of the open wods at CFFW. Drop in price is $20 per visit or $50 for all five open workouts. $50 must be prepaid online before the open begins. $20 drop in fees can also be paid online. Click here to prepay and complete waiver online.


+1 Point – Completion: every member of a team that completes an Open workout earns a point. Each athlete that logs their score on each week earns one point. Maximum two points per athlete per workout.

+1 Point – Top 5 Rx division- Every male AND female member who places among the Top 5 at CFFW for each workout gets extra points for their team. Top male and female overall = 5 pts. each to their team score, 2nd place overall = 4 pts, 3rd place overall = 3 pts, 4th place overall = 2 pts, 5th place overall = 1 pt.

+1 Point – Top 3 scaled division- Every male AND female member who places among the Top 3 in the scaled division at CFFW for each workout gets extra points for their team. Top male and female overall = 3 pts. each to their team score, 2nd place overall = 2 pts, 3rd place overall = 1 pt.

+5 Points (team) – Attendance: CFFW will host “Friday Night Lights”. The team with the most athletes present to complete the open wods on Friday nights each week will receive 5 bonus points. Friday nights will be open gym in the pm 3:30-7:30, with most of the action taking place 5-7:30pm.

+1 Point- Each team will earn an extra point for each team member that completes the online judges course (link below). The more judges we have the smoother the heats will run. Maximum one point per person.


Every athlete needs a judge to count for them. Judges must complete the judges course online. The more judges we have the smoother the heats will run. If you’re interested in being a judge, complete the course online and bring your certificate of completion to the gym.


Jose Gueco
Jake Butler
Morgan Chaput
Sam Turrell

Team will be chosen at 5pm on Tuesday 2/20. As soon as the captains have drafted their teams, I will post the teams on our website.
Register online now!

NW Sports Rehab Mobility WOD this Sunday

We are very excited to announce our partnership with the Sports Medicine Chiropractors at NW Sports Rehab in Federal Way. Our goal is to work together to provide our clients with overall health and fitness while minimizing strain and injury to the body. Who better to trust with your body than the Docs that treat the Seattle Seahawks and Sounders?

The Chiropractors from NW Sports Rehab are coming to CFFW on Sunday 9/27 at 10am to host our first monthly mobility WOD. The focus is shoulder mobility. Everyone that struggles with their OHS should plan on attending. Yes, we know it’s on a Sunday morning, yes we know there’s football on TV but your mobility comes first! The mobility WOD will be from 10-11 followed by open gym 11-12. You’ll have plenty of time to get home and shower before the Hawks game AND Bam Bam Kam is back so it’s going to be a great game!

The Mobility WOD is free to all CFFW members. In addition to monthly mobility WODS all CFFW members are eligible for a Functional Movement Screening at NW Sports Rehab for $25 ($100 value). FMS take about an hour and are conducting at the NW Sports Rehab facility in Federal Way. The FMS will reveal your mobility issues and the Docs and trainers at NW Sports Rehab will treat you at their facility and give you mobility work to do at home and the gym to treat the problem.

Call (253) 838-6070 to make an appointment and make sure to mention you are a client at CFFW.

Visit NW Sports Rehab for more info.

Sarah’s 90 Day Transformation



















This is me after 90 days of crossfit. I took the first picture after my intro class. I feel like it’s a noticeable difference. I have lost 8 lbs on the scale, but I think the number isn’t the best way to describe what has changed. (I wish I had taken measurements but I didn’t.) I’m probably as toned as I was when I finished Basic training and I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. It feels great! My son is about 36 lbs (an empty barbell I tell myself) and most people think he’s really heavy. I used to; but now he doesn’t feel so bad – I can even throw him up into the air. He loves that I can do that since no one else does.

I started crossfit to get stronger for my running but have since stopped running to focus on crossfit. I used to cry to my husband that I couldn’t lose weight, despite running 3-4 days a week, 8 miles on Saturday, 60 miles a month. I was eating pretty well and couldn’t get to looking how I wanted. The baby weight was stuck.
I lost 3 lbs my first week of OnRamp. Now I fit into my jeans I wore when I got married. And I feel like a newlywed!

I go to class 3-4 times a week and run 1-2 times a month. I still run as fast as I did last year despite not running regularly. I eat fairly clean but mostly only avoid sugar and wheat because it works for me. (Basically I can get away with grains and dairy so I eat them…)
I climbed the rope last week for the first time in my life and I’m doing a scaled competition in August for fun to test my skills. I’m really excited! Crossfit makes me feel amazing. I am still really new at this and I have a long way to go but I can’t wait to take the journey. I appreciate all of the coaching and encouragement I get every time I come in. Keep lifting!!!

A Reflection

We’ve all been through it in some form or another: time off from the gym.  Whether it’s due to injury, travel, work, finances, whatever- we’ve all had to take time off in order to take care of other priorities.  At first, we are totally bummed.  We miss throwing weights around with our friends.  But then we start to settle in to our new normal, and as time goes on, going back seems more and more daunting.  Even though we know how good it is for us, we also know how badly it will suck when we finally make it back.  But we’re too tired to go…but not going makes us tired, crabby, and flabby.  And the cycle continues.

After taking seven years off from teaching to be a stay-at-home mama, I returned to the classroom in September and was shocked back into the workforce.  I’ve had many roles in my life but this one was new to me.  I’d been a teacher before, I’d been a wife and a mom before, I’d been a coach before, but never all at the same time.  And I’m the type of personality that tries to do it all and do it well.  Due to the nature of teaching high school English, which requires a substantial amount of work outside of the classroom, I knew that something had to give.  Sadly, I quit coaching, which also ended up becoming a very inconsistent wod schedule.

Previously, my wod schedule was in the morning 4-days-a-week and never missed strength day.  Once the school year started, I ended up going once, maybe twice a week, which turned into long 10-day stretches of not working out.  My job entails not just time at school but also grading papers, meetings, events, and exhaustion.  Having my own children means homework, sports, activities, and events.  And exhaustion.  Not to mention keeping our house from falling to a scary state of dog hair and graham cracker crumbs.  And food!  I love cooking, how was this all going to work?  Something had to give, and it was my fitness.

Fall and winter were rough- a period of adjustment- but by spring we had our new normal figured out.  Day-to-day life was stabilizing; I was back in the groove of classroom life and my own kids were thriving.  It was a great time to refocus on myself because when I’m out of whack, the whole family is out of whack.  And that meant recommitting to the gym.

Wodding has always been a physical release, of course, exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time.  And it is also a great way to clear your head of whatever stresses life presents.  And I’m sure you can agree- knowing this is one thing but putting it into practice is the challenge.  Having been so inconsistent for so long, I’d lost all of my strength, mobility, and conditioning.  For seven months my goal was simply to show up!  Go through the motions, sweat a little, and chat with friends.  After those seven months I realized my fitness goal wasn’t even fitness based, it was to try not to turn into a blob of faculty room snacks (that’s a post in and of itself).  Time to readjust.

Here is what I know for sure: NOT wodding makes us feel old, tired, stressed out, and flabby.  I don’t like this muffin top I’ve acquired, I feel slow, and I don’t like being stressed out.  Here is what I also know for sure: wodding makes us feel good.  It needs to be a priority, for the sake of our health and well-being, for our sanity, for our families.

This spring, I’ve recommitted to myself.  I spent a week or so saying “I used to do _____.”  But “used to” isn’t right now and “used to” can be mentally debilitating.  So I’ve started over on pretty much everything.  Sometimes taking a step back, which can be frustrating, actually takes us a few steps forward.   And this is what is so great about CrossFit- it’s not about what other people are doing, it’s not me vs. you.  It’s me vs me.  You vs you.  We don’t know what curve balls life is going to throw us.  But we can pick ourselves up, refocus, and start over.  Because no matter what, change is constant.  It’s our job to keep up.

Happy Sunday!

Sunday mornings are my favorite.  Everything seems slowed down, yesterday’s sense of urgency has dissipated, the checklist of weekend to-do’s has been whittled away.  Coffee, cartoons.  And the internet.  Sunday mornings are spent catching up on all of the news and events of the week that are overlooked due to hectic schedules.  Slow it down, refresh your cuppa, and kick back.

I’m sure by this point you’ve all heard of the earthquake in Nepal, and subsequent avalanche on Mt. Everest.  Devastating.  But have you looked at it from this perspective?  Grace and Hope Found Amid the Destruction of the Nepal Earthquake by Donatella Lorch

Tips for minimizing taxes for 2015 from The Seattle Times

Chorizo and Spinach Stuffed Sweet Potatoes from Primal Palate.  Make enough for 5 and lunch for the week is done.

Spend $15 on produce  at QFC get $5 off with this digital coupon

Alabama Shakes came out with a new album.

From Tabata Times, “How Do You Express Your Fitness?” and make sure you watch the video!

And it’s supposed to be 75 degrees tomorrow!  Get out and do something fun!  Walk/run/bike Ruston.  Wander through the Wetlands.  Play a round of golf, take your kids to the park and show them how to do pull ups on the monkey bars.  Picnic at the beach, Frisbee, softball.  Yardwork!  Whatever it is you love to do, get out and absorb some much needed vitamin D.