Meet Diane, one of our Master’s Regionals Athletes

Yes! Crossfit is for me, too—and I’m a 60-year-old woman.

I saw the difference Crossfit made for my daughter Lisa. After a year, she lost weight, looked great, exuded confidence and really enjoyed the work outs.  She’d tell me about WODs and AMRAPs, trying to entice me… but I was intimidated by the heavy weights—and didn’t see why I should change from the fitness center I went to, just a few blocks from my house.

2a before_arms_0512
Before CrossFit

So, Lisa gave me a month of Crossfit as a Christmas present in 2012—and after two weeks, I was hooked. Within about a month, I did my first double under. Within the first three months, I was able to do a rope climb. I did progressively smaller bands for pull ups, and was excited after about six months when I got my first toes to bar (still a rare occasion for me). 3a_workout_ 0113

It’s not just the end accomplishment: I like learning new skills. It feels so good that my body knows how to snake its way up a rope (thanks, Keely!). I’m more solid and balanced with a snatch, thanks to Eric’s tip about my starting position. It’s amazing how something can go from impossible/scary to possible/exciting—just with the right form (and maybe a little more muscle, over time).

Speaking of that, after some months I noticed muscle my shoulders and neck. When I was kayaking with a friend, she commented: “look at your arms!” I had to get new slacks for work; the old ones were falling off.

Not just appearance, either. When I hiked last summer, I felt like I could almost run up slopes that used to slow me down. And even before I get out to the wilderness… I just love the feeling of working really hard, giving it my all. Sweat pouring into my eyes, my entire body shaking, panting… exhilarated.

Here’s another thing that is so cool about Crossfit Federal Way. I am appreciated for who I am, where I am. I cannot lift heavy weights like Derek, or gracefully fly through pull ups like Keely or Allison. I love to watch them, but I do not try to emulate where they are. I just try to do better than I was, last week/ last month/ last time. Corey applauded my first toes-to-bar (“remember when you couldn’t do those?“ and I replied “yes, that was last week.”) Beyond the Whiteboard provides me with all kinds of ways to analyze my fitness. I love to lift that trend line over time.

I have to admit that I do not yet do paleo, although I eat better than I did before. My goal has been to work out 3 times/week. I could certainly do better.

2b after_arms_0214
A current pic of Diane, looking svelte, strong, and confident

I participated in the Crossfit Open (the entrée to the Games) last year after just 3 months at Crossfit—to establish a baseline. I did it again this year, intending to compare my performance. However—since I am turning 60 in April, I am compared to a different set of people. Turns out there aren’t a whole lot of 60 year old women (yet) who have discovered Crossfit and participate in the Open. The odds are in my favor. I was #66 in the nation for my age group. Woo-hoo! Now I have to better that—and to do so, I have to get in to Crossfit more regularly and renew my commitment.

During my first month at Crossfit Federal Way, I read Denise’s testimonial. She gave me the confidence to go for it—to commit to Crossfit. I love catching up with Denise, Ann, Aileen, and other women closer to my age—the women warriors willing to shake the stereotype and lift weights. I hope that my story will give others the confidence to dive in. It’s only by trying, and failing, that we learn and get better. We can do it without hurting ourselves—and in fact, I think that I can better protect myself and prevent injury, now that I have stronger muscles.

Thank you, Margi, Derek, Eric, for making this possible… and thanks to all the Crossfit coaches, and all you great athletes who push yourselves and are so generous with your praise! You inspire me.

Whole30 for Two: Morgan + carnitas

3 years ago I found paleo. I filled up on vegetables and meat, snacked on fruit and nuts, and all of a sudden—my body relaxed. I started to get strong, a lot stronger than I had ever been before. Even though I love paleo for all it’s taught me about my body, I never really cared all that much about completing a Whole30. My nutrition and training was so strict during the week that I felt like I had a right to enjoy some drinks and Mexican food on the weekend. I stayed away from gluten and wheat and my cheats never really bothered me all that much. I didn’t think I would get anything out of the program.

Then, I got pregnant. Not only did my favorite indulgence, alcohol, go away over night, all sorts of mommy hormones started to kick in. I wanted to give my little guy the best fuel to grow.

I started my Whole30 when I was 20 weeks pregnant. If you’re pregnant and thinking about completing a Whole30, my first piece of advice would be to wait until your 2nd trimester. The first 12 weeks will be filled with some combination of morning sickness, fatigue, food aversions, cravings, and all other sorts of fun stuff. Just get through it. Eat what you can. Go easy on yourself. I was lucky and craved a lot of paleo foods. I craved steak and eggs and would sip on smoothies when I got nauseous. I was far from perfect though. Some days the only thing I could stomach was extra extra sharp ny cheddar with a granny smith apple. Sometimes I’d talk about ice cream until my boyfriend would go to the store and buy it just to shut me up.

It’s not forever, eventually the 2nd trimester rolls around and the clouds clear. I could eat vegetables again. Chicken didn’t repulse me. Aside from being kicked from the inside out, I started to feel normal again. In fact, my first week of Whole30 flew by without much effort. I will say—had I not read Mellissa Hartwig’s advice to snack during pregnancy—I probably would have quit and ended up pissed in a corner somewhere.  I snacked on almonds and watermelon, carrots and guacamole, eggs and salsa, whenever I was hungry between meals. Don’t be stupid and starve yourself—you’re growing a human.

My Whole30 really did shock me. In my first trimester I felt weak. I was scaling back a lot at Crossfit (we’re talking going from confidently jerking 135lbs to 65lbs feeling heavy). I was falling asleep randomly throughout the day. I was struggling to put weight on. I was anxious all the time. Then about a week into Whole30, I felt awesome. Energetic. Strong. I was excited to get into the gym and had to stop myself from adding more weights to the bar. I guess you never really know until you’re all in, huh?

I intend on completing another Whole30 before my due date and hope to complete another one after my son arrives.

For some reason, my fiancee doesn’t like to eat steak and sweet potatoes 7 nights a week for dinner. I’m a simple soul, what can I  say. Even though I’m not much of a recipe girl(ahemm…AT ALL), I rely on a few main dishes that can be fixed into a bunch of different meals for our little family of 2.5. One of my favorites being carnitas.

Note: This is in no way a traditional carnitas recipe. My last name is Enowitch for heaven’s sake. Ask the Cabrera’s if you want the real thing. But this is a simple and tasty version that doesn’t take a whole lot of effort.

-2-3 lbs of Pork Shoulder
-Spices of your choice (my favorites are salt, pepper, garlic powder,
paprika, and chili powder)
-1/2 cup of Water or Chicken Broth
-Garnishes (lime, cilantro, salsa, guacamole, jalapenos, red onion etc.)

-Cut up the pork shoulder into 2” cubes. Don’t trim the fat! Throw them in a slow cooker.
-Add water or chicken broth.
-Add just enough spice to cover the top of the meat.
-Cook on high for 4(ish) hours.
-Turn off the slow cooker and use two forks to shred the meat.
-Spread the shredded pork onto a cookie sheet and place under the broiler for 6-8 minutes. My broiler sets itself to 525…so that’s what I used. I told you I’m a chef.





















The broiling isn’t necessary but it browns the fat making the carnitas nice and crispy. You can eat them plain, make lettuce wraps, pair them with potato hash, make your own little Chipotle knock-off salad.  Whatever you feel like. It can be Whole30 or it can be wrapped in tortillas and smothered in pepper jack and sour cream.

Whole30 for Two: Dani

On June 1st I started a whole 30.  I have done this many times in the past but never while pregnant.  With my first pregnancy I was sick almost the entire 9 months.  Nothing sounded good, tasted good, or, smelled good. Some of you can relate but for those who can’t I will be blunt.  I pretty much always felt like I could throw up at any moment but very rarely did.  The few times I did I ended up not feeling better anyway.  This means feeling sick while shopping for my food, preparing my food, attempting to eat my food, and while digesting my food.  This doesn’t even include feeling sick while I made money to pay for this food, commuting to the job where I made money to pay for the food, or while I laid awake at 6 am knowing I needed to sleep but couldn’t because I felt sick.  I once left my house because a neighborhood BBQ going on several houses down had me feeling so sick I couldn’t stand it anymore.  I even looked my poor husband right in the eyes on at least one occasion and told him to go purchase and consume his dinner somewhere besides our home.  I spent more time trying to survive than I did worrying about eating Paleo.  I was determined to make this next pregnancy different.

At the start of this pregnancy (my second) I had a few ideas in place to remain more Paleo than I was last time.  These included drinking homemade bone broth and no longer working full time in effort to decrease my stress level.  So fast forward past the 12 week mark I suddenly realize that I actually feel good.  I kept eating semi sort of Paleo because I kept expecting pregnancy sickness to rear it’s ugly head again.  Fast forward to May when I was over 20 weeks along and I realize I might actually feel well enough this pregnancy to eat mostly Paleo like I usually do outside of pregnancy.  This is when I decided the best way to go about getting myself on track was a Whole 30.

Before starting any Whole 30 I decide what my Whole 30 rules are going to be.  I start out by using the real Whole 30 outlined by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig from and authors of the book “It Starts With Food”.  I usually add to this by giving up caffeine, eating 2 fruits and/or veggies per meal, or some other health improvement I am in need of.  Now even though I noted above that I am feeling good this pregnancy there are still certain things I can’t tolerate while pregnant.  Steak and steamed broccoli is usually a favorite meal around my house.  While I am pregnant huge slabs of plain meat just don’t sound, look, or smell good.  I also don’t do well with oven roasted vegetables, another staple food item in my home.  I decided to make this work I would need to make lots of stir fry and other dishes involving mixing the meat into the meal.  I am also not a fan of turning not so healthy foods/habits into Paleo foods.  For example we don’t make Paleo bread, crackers, cakes, muffins, etc in our home especially during a Whole 30.  I have never really had a problem with this but I knew I might need to cut myself some slack on that one to get me through a Whole 30 while pregnant.  I planned to try a few recipes if I was in need during these 30 days.  I also knew raw vegetables and more fruit than I usually eat would be vital to my success.  The last idea actually came from Melissa Hartwig herself from her recent pregnancy.  She suggested having lots of options and not planning too far ahead.  Again sometimes during pregnancy I simply can’t stomach something one day but the next it sounds good.  I had many options on hand and just had a general idea of some meals.  I usually assign these meals to a day using the huge dry erase board that hangs on my pantry door right off my kitchen (I wish I was kidding about this but I’m not.  Next time you see my husband you are welcome to give him your sympathies).  I pretty much had to let my OCDness go while adhering to some strict dietary rules…while pregnant.  To add to all of this I have not been making it into the gym anywhere near as much as I should have.  I was averaging about once a week since way back into March.  I have a nagging injury that didn’t help this situation but at some point that was just an excuse.  I decided I would attempt to hit the gym, and not just to work, no less than 3 days per week during this Whole 30.  On that note here goes my Whole 30 for two.

I started my Whole 30 on Sunday June 2nd.  During the first few days I had the typical feeling of needing/wanting sugar.  For me this usually starts midafternoon then goes away as dinner approaches then comes on again after dinner until I go to bed.  Lucky for me I sleep like a baby when I’m pregnant.  I can easily pass out for 9 or more hours a night and still doze off in the afternoon.  I used this to my advantage these first few carb deprived days.  I went to bed at a decent time each night and allowed myself that short afternoon nap I have come to love so much.  That first week was great.  I felt amazing almost right away.  I actually ended up needing less sleep and making it into the gym more often.    I found myself craving Paleo foods and not missing the treats I had been allowing myself prior to the start.  I actually lost 4 pounds the first week.  Normally I do not weigh myself during a Whole 30 but decided since I was pregnant I should probably keep an eye on things this time around.  For those of you concerned about this loss you can relax.  My Dr was completely fine with it being that it was likely all water weight anyway.  Fact: For every 1 carbohydrate the body stores it can hold up to 50 times that weight it water.  Prior to the start of my Whole 30 I had been feeling very bloated as if I was already 8 or 9 months pregnant instead of 6.  After just a few days this had gone away.

The second week was even better.  I was feeling good, getting to the gym, feeling awake all day, and even starting to enjoy some of my old staple meals like tuna and paleo mayo with cut up dill pickles.  No this is not only a pregnancy thing.  I loved this meal before I was pregnant and so does my 14 month old.

When the third week rolled around things started to get a little more difficult.  I still couldn’t resort back to any of my thoughtless meals like steak and steamed broccoli.  I was running out of ideas to combine fruits and veggies with protein to create something that sounded, smelled, and tasted yummy.  I didn’t go completely crazy but I did have to break a few typical Whole 30 rules.  I purchased a juicer a few weeks ago and it was this week that I started using it daily.  I don’t like fruit juice so it was easy to leave fruit out which is usually the big reason juicing is not a good idea.  The theory pretty much is that it’s better to just eat the veggies because they fill you up more and you get the full benefit.   I had to weigh my options here and ultimately decided I would get way more nutrition by juicing once a day than trying to cram raw veggies in my already budging abdomen.  The other rule I broke was breakfast meats.  I usually don’t eat bacon or sausage while doing a Whole 30.  It’s hard to fine either one of these meats completely “clean” and even if I could we likely couldn’t afford them.  Bacon and sausage have become treats in our household instead of something I pick up every time we stop at Costco.  I ended up buying bacon and consuming it.  I didn’t go crazy with Paleo “baked goods” recipes but I did try a few that sounded yummy.  This wasn’t solely for me but I did enjoy them.  I made Paleo pumpkin bread as a quick treat/snack for my kids.  It turned out amazing so I had some too.  Thankfully they both loved it which saved me from taking a fork to the whole container each night after they went to bed.  The last way I went wrong this week was my lax planning.  I started going to the gym without an after workout snack or just out to run errands with no food.  I wasn’t as good about having fruits and veggies cut up or eggs already boiled.  Normally I would go hungry if I forgot these simple preparation steps but that’s not an option at 25 or more weeks pregnant.  I did have to bend the rules a little to get me though the times I planned poorly.  I did this by purchasing a Costco hotdog but not eating the bun or grabbing a scoop of protein powder as I ran out the door.  Not ideal but better than finding me passed out in the gym parking lot.

I did better again during week four.  I learned my lesson and went back to preparing quick snacks in advance.  It was also shopping week again so I was able to pick out a few meals I had been wanting but didn’t have at the house.  I restocked up on some of my favorite fruits and veggies again too.

Overall I gained 3 pounds during my Whole 30.  I have never gained during a Whole 30 before but obviously needed to this time.  I have more energy and need a little less sleep.  The most important improvement for me was defiantly changing my tastes back to Paleo.  I no longer found myself having a bun on my hamburger at my friends BBQ just because it was there and I was pregnant.  It was easy to say no to so many things just like it usually is.  Participating in a Whole 30 while pregnant takes a lot more patience than the typical Whole 30 does.  When things got tough I had to be creative.  Normally I am one to just push through the rough days but pregnancy creates some crazy responses in the body that simply can’t be ignored.  I can’t say I’m at all disappointed in myself for not doing a perfect Whole 30.  Instead I have decided to be proud of myself for having a few shall we call them poorly planned moments and still managing to get right back on track.  I have struggled with this in the past pregnant or not.  Usually if I slip up it’s a downward spiral for me.

I will also admit I am one to get caught up in body image which makes doing a Whole 30 while pregnant really tough.  It’s inevitable I’m not going to get thinner doing a Whole 30 at 6 months pregnant nor should I.  I have always enjoyed doing a Whole 30 for the health reasons like feeling less bloated, sleeping better, and having more energy.  My favorite reason for doing a Whole 30 is still the weight loss I always manage.  I have lost anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds during this 30 days.  I never fail to look better along with feeling better.  This time around I didn’t have the looking better to enjoy at the end.  I’ll be honest there were moments when this thought made me not want to continue.  I had to stop myself during these times and be rational.  Ultimately this experience will help me lose weight after the baby is born and for more reasons than I feel the need to state is great for both of us right at this moment.  The benefits may not always be visible to others but they are to me.  I feel better and my desire to choose more healthy foods is back.

Curtis’ Story

If you think you are too overweight, too out of shape, too old, or too intimidated to do Crossfit, please read Curtis’ story. He proves that hardwork, dedication, and consistency are the recipe for success.

curtisbeforeBefore Crossfit, I was in the worst shape of my life, I weighed 301 pounds; my body fat was around 35% and the circumference of my mid-section was 51 inches.  I consistently felt like crap, couldn’t do the things I wanted to do and my attitude towards life was starting to suck.  I had lots of excuses made up for why I couldn’t stay in shape.  The reality was, I really like to eat!  Everything seems like a good excuse to eat. Whether it was to celebrate, feel better after having a bad day, or watch fights, there was always a reason to treat myself to pizza or cheese enchiladas.  On top of that, everything I knew how to cook was very unhealthy.  I have always enjoyed working out and playing sports but found myself bored and unmotivated.  I was in need of a new sport or hobby to get me motivated.  That’s when my wife told me there was a Groupon for Sumner Crossfit, a one week of beginner’s classes.  I had heard of Crossfit before but didn’t really know much about it.  I went to the classes and liked them ok but they were too far away and I knew I wouldn’t go if it wasn’t convenient.  That’s when I found CrossFit Federal Way.

On my way to my first workout I was nervous that I would be judged on how I looked and scared of not being able to do the exercises.  Seeing the work out in progress when I got there gave me mixed feelings.  On one hand, I was impressed and motivated; on the other hand, I was scared shitless.  One thing was for sure, Crossfit has lot higher intensity than I have seen at any gym and after that first workout, I was hooked.   The trainers showed me ways to modify things so I could do them and when I had injuries they would find ways for me to workout without causing them to get worse.

curtisringdipAfter about a month of Crossfit, there was a conversation going about weight loss and Margi said something I knew but didn’t really want to accept, “Weight loss happens in the kitchen.”  I have always liked to work out hard and I have a physical job, so I wanted that to be enough.  As I mentioned earlier, I like to eat.  I have gone on diets before and lost a lot of weight but they were unsustainable. I didn’t like the food I was eating and was always hungry, so I would end up putting the weight back on and then some.  Everyone seemed to be talking about Paleo, but to me it sounded like another fad diet and I really wasn’t ready to give up my favorite foods yet.  The thing I needed was a healthy dose of competition, and that came in the form of the Clean Eat Challenge.  I read the book that was suggested (It Starts with Food) and got started.  At first it was hard; it was such a big change from fried ramen, chicken pot pies and the million other unhealthy things I was eating before.  The hardest part was giving up pop and energy drinks, I was drinking 6 to 10 Mt dews a day and 2 or 3 monster energy drinks a day before the challenge and I don’t like coffee so the caffeine withdrawal was tough.  It is all worth it though; right away I noticed weight loss and improvements in the gym.  Shortly after starting to eat Paleo, my wife and I subscribed to a Paleo meal plan from Emeals.  Emeals is an online meal planning service that plans out your week’s dinners for you and also provides a shopping list. You can print the menus off yourself, or use their awesome iPhone app.

curtisboxjumpEating Paleo has had an unexpected benefit to our family. Not only were my wife and I eating healthier, but we started shopping together, cooking together, and eating dinner at the table instead of in front of the TV.  For me, all of that has helped strengthened our relationship.  The Emeals meal plan is great; we like what we eat and don’t get stuck in ruts or have that annoying conversation of “What’s for dinner?  “I don’t know, what do you want?” Because I like the food, this is the first time I feel that it is a lifestyle change and not a crash diet.

The support from the community at CFFW is awesome!  It’s the first time I have seen so much positivity in a gym.  The energy everyone brings in is infectious. Often times I show up tired and not sure I can get through the work out, but somehow the group energy gets passed on and I will make it through.  Everyone, from the trainers on down to the newest members are great! I really look forward to seeing who is going to be there in the class and the scores others have posted on the board.  It is so inspiring to see people do things they couldn’t do before, the focus on their faces while pushing through the pain of a workout, the pride on their faces when they realize they put up a personal record, and how happy everyone gets for others when they succeed.  Corey put it best when he said “I love the organized chaos of weights slamming against the floor while sucking wind.”

curtisropeThere is just no arguing with the results of Crossfit paired with Paleo.  I have lost 91 lbs. and 15 inches around my mid-section in just over 6 months and maintained that for the last 3 months.  I went from using an XL band plus a medium band to do 4 or 5 pull-ups to being able to do 13 without a band.  I used to have to walk for part of the 400 meter run but now I can run the mile in 7:23.  I never dreamed I would be able to climb a rope but I can now!  I still don’t have handstand pushups, ring dips or muscle ups and my double unders need some practice, but I know I will get there.

I am proud of the fact my wife eats Paleo dinners with me, and after she has our baby she is planning on going Paleo the rest of the time.  My parents, brother and his family and my in-laws got the e-meals Paleo plan and are trying it out for dinner and others I know have been inspired and are starting to make healthy choices with their diet.  I find most peoples hang up seems to be they read the books that preach 100% for 30 days and while that worked for me most people are not willing to go that strict.  I think every time you make a healthy choice it counts, if it’s just the cream in your coffee that keeps you from going Paleo, than have the cream and do the rest.

My goals are to stay in shape for the rest of my life; I don’t want this to be another drop of the yo-yo.  I want to be a good role model for my son and teach him healthy eating habits.  I am about the weight I would like to stay at but I would love to exchange some of the fat for muscle, and I am sure that will happen with the workouts the trainers keep putting us through.



Member Profile: Jeff Johnson

I’ve been working out at CFFW for the last 10 months and I can safely say it’s the best decision I’ve made for my overall health and fitness. I am a high school principal, dad to two active girls, and a husband to a beautiful, professional wife. My life is busy, but I find an hour each day to exercise, release some stress, and do something positive that is just for me. CrossFit, with its intense workouts fits into my busy schedule and has had many positive effects on my life and my family. I don’t mean to sound cliché, but working out at CFFW and eating Paleo have changed me for the better in a number of ways.

My CrossFit story is not one of dramatic physical changes, weight loss, or whiteboard-leading times; but my experience reflects subtle personal goal accomplishments and steady gains that make CrossFit so motivating and reinforcing for me. Previous to coming to CFFW I was an avid tennis player and skier. I also worked out at the local community center and thought I was in relatively good shape (boy did I think wrong). I had gotten to a place at the globo-gym where I just couldn’t push myself harder or do the right things to achieve the gains I wanted in my fitness. I would yo-yo diet, and I think I lost the same 8 pounds about 20 times not knowing how to eat a healthy diet.  I was also disillusioned by the impersonal nature of the globo-gym; in three years of workouts I think I knew the names of two guys I worked out with. I had been hearing about CrossFit and its benefits so I worked up the courage and decided to forgo the treadmills and gym-rats and came to the box to check it out.

As early as my first WOD, I was impressed with the open and welcoming atmosphere in the gym. The support and encouragement offered by the coaches and athletes working out made it possible for me to push myself hard enough to reap the benefits. There are many motivating and gratifying things about working hard with a group of like-minded people who want to be fit and healthy. The camaraderie in the gym is infectious and cannot be duplicated by impersonal globo-gyms—I firmly believe this is what sets CrossFit apart from all others and makes it so successful. I love that we encourage each other and celebrate our successes from setting a PR on a lift or to just finishing the WOD…it’s all good. The community in the gym is what keeps me coming back for more, even when I’m tired, sore, or unmotivated to WOD.

I enjoy CrossFit because the Olympic lifts, body weight exercises and gymnastic movements that make up the workouts are measureable which makes tracking progress possible. I remember during those first couple months coming into the gym and feeling humbled because there was so much to learn. I tried to be a good student and listen to the coaches and watch the other athletes workout. Slowly I began to learn how to kip, swing a kettlebell, pull up, push up, row, climb, squat, snatch, and deadlift. The more I worked out I started tracking my progess and noticed how my lift weights were steadily increasing and my WOD times were decreasing. Measureable progress was motivating because it showed me that the sweat and hard work were paying off and resulting in a body that is stronger, fitter, leaner, and most importantly, healthier.

My fitness routine extends outside of the box to the food choices I make at every meal. I can safely say that eating Paleo by eliminating sugar, gluten, grains, dairy, processed foods, and alcohol (well, most of the time anyway) has had an equal impact on my fitness and health as the WODs have. When I ‘eat clean’ I feel more energetic, alert, powerful, self-confident, and just all-round-good. I have been able to get rid of those pesky love-handles on my hips and I’m beginning to see abs instead (which my wife appreciates). I hover about the same weight, give or take a few pounds, but the pounds of lost fat have been replaced by pounds of lean muscle so I am no longer concerned with the number on the scale. I know that the WODs and clean eating are working because my pants no longer fit (too big!) and my suits I had tailored a couple years ago now belong on another (much more plump) man. The combination of a healthy diet and muscle-building workouts has given my body a lean and athletic shape I never thought I’d have. It’s not perfect or chiseled, but I feel fit and healthy…and that’s the real reason we WOD each day right?

So, to answer the question “Why do I CrossFit?” I would have to say I love the community in the gym and the encouragement we provide each other; together we can do so much more. I would also say I am hooked on the daily challenge and physical demands of the workouts. Completing tough workouts gives me confidence to tackle other challenges in my personal and professional life knowing that I can and will be successful if I just put my mind to it. CrossFit has given me the tools to take control of my fitness and make the positive changes I have wanted to make for the past few years. I’m so happy that I decided to join the gym last June; I just wish I had done it years before.