BodySpec is coming to CFFW 3/19!

BodySpec will be at Crossfit Federal Way on 3/19/18!!
BodySpec performs body fat and body composition testing using a truck equipped with a DXA scanner. In a fully-clothed 10 minute scan, you’ll learn more about your body than you’ve ever known. At just $45 per scan, we’re the most affordable DXA scan in the country.

BodySpec brings medical-grade body composition technology, used by professional athletes, to you at an affordable price. Our scanners measure body fat, muscle and bone, not only on a whole-body but also a regional basis. Check out a sample report or our video.

Why scan with BodySpec?
Our scans are comprehensive and individualized snapshots of your body that give you the information you need to:
• Pinpoint the exact impact of a new training or diet plan
• Track progress over time, down to exact muscle and fat changes in different areas of the body
• Optimize your training to suit your body’s specific needs
• Compare your bone density to others like you
• Identify long term health risks

Our 10-min scan is done fully clothed. Wear your workout clothes. No getting wet and no pinching! Just lie down on our scanner and relax!

How to Sign Up
1. Schedule a scan appointment here:
• Simply click on your preferred appointment (green slots are available).
• If you’re a previous client, log in
• Select your scan package.
• Fill out the account and payment info and then complete your intake form. (If on a shared computer, log yourself out before the next person signs up.)
2. If you need to reschedule, simply log back into anytime 24 hours before your appointment. Cancel your appointment and make another at your convenience.
3. On scan day, the BodySpec truck arrives. You show up for your appointment wearing clothes with no metal (workout clothes work great!)
4. Each client lies down on our scanner for 10 minutes. Afterwards, you’ll receive instructions on how to schedule a remote consultation with BodySpec’s fitness experts so you understand your scan results.
5. Digital PDF copies of these results are uploaded into your account on the BodySpec website for you to access anytime!

We have the most competitive prices for this technology…ANYWHERE!
$45 per 1 scan
$85 per 2 scans
$170 per 4 scans
You can split the 2 scan package with friends or family. Just have one person book both scans under his/her name, and then email with the full name, email address, and appointment time for the second person. We’ll get things transferred over!

Scan Limitations
The scanner performs a very weak x-ray with radiation exposure equal to that from eating four bananas. We cannot scan pregnant women or individuals over 350 lbs due to scanner restrictions. Also, we ask clients to refrain from wearing metal to ensure accuracy of bone density readings. However, if you have metal that you cannot remove, you can still scan without a problem.

Please email if you have any questions or need help. We look forward to seeing you at the truck!

CF Open 18.1 Team Results

18.1 is in the books and what a week it was! Friday Night Lights was a success and we are hoping 18.2 is a little shorter so we can move through heats with more ease. I’m thrilled that everyone completed 18.1 AND posted their score. I think that’s a first for CFFW. I’m also quite pleased to see all of the newcomers in the scaled division. Great job! Did I mention that Khloe is in 1st place in the West Coast Region and 3rd worldwide?!?!?!? So excited to watch her crush the teen division. Alright let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

Men’s Rx
1. Ronny 383 (Black) +5
2. Jeremy 344 (Blue) +4
3. Paul M. 326 (Pink) +3
4. Michael 320 (Green) +2
5. Scott T. 304 (Blue) +1

Women’s Rx
1. Khloe 376 (Green) +5
2. Leona 345 (Green) +4
3. Marci 319 (Black) +3
4. Amber 306 (Blue) +2
5. Danielle 303 (Black) +1

Men’s Scaled
1. Ryan C. 317 (Pink) +5
2. Kenny 306 (Pink) +4
3. Riley 289 (Black) +3
4. Gus 288 (Green) +1
4. Len 288 (Blue) +1

Women’s Scaled
1. Diana 343 (Black) +5
2. Millie 322 (Blue) +4
3. Sam T. 321 (Pink) +3
4. Megan H. (Pink) +2
5. Tracey 307 (Green) +1

All teams receive 15 points for athlete completion of 18.1 and 15 points for posting scores for a total of 30 points.

Judge’s Course
Black +4
Blue +2
Green +3
Pink +4
This is a list of judge’s course certificates I received via email or hard copy at the gym. If you completed the course but didn’t to submit it to me, you can use it towards 18.2. Email judge’s course certificates to

Black and Green tied with 14 members each
Black +2.5
Green +2.5

Week 1 overall Team Standings
(1) (53.5) Black
(2) (51) Pink
(3) (48.5) Green
(4) (44) Blue

Can’t wait for 18.2!!!

Remember to register for the 2018 Crossfit Open now! Team draft is TOMORROW!!!

The 2018 Reebok Crossfit Open starts on Thursday February 22nd, 2018. Just like last year, CFFW will host Friday Night Lights. Friday Night Lights is basically an open gym on Friday evenings to get together with your team and perform the Open workout of the week, hours are 3:30-7:30pm.

Although many CFFWers have already registered for the open, some of you still have reservations. I want to reassure you that this is ALL ABOUT FUN!!! The focus of the CFFW Open is to bond together as a community, push ourselves a little harder than we normally would, and have tons of fun. You will not hold your team back, it doesn’t matter if you’re not the best athlete in the gym, there are plenty of ways to earn points for your team and a top score is only one of them (see point values below). This event is going to be a blast and if you don’t sign up you’re going to be very sad to be left out of all the festivities. We will not be doing costumes this year. We will do color wars instead. Each team captain will pick a team color and your team will wear the chosen color to Friday Night Lights. Did I mention we have a DJ every week and a Taco Truck on the last night of the Crossfit Open?!?

Register here, and CHOOSE CROSSFIT FEDERAL WAY AS YOUR TEAM. (We cannot add you to the team, you must select your team from your athlete page.)  

Non-members are welcome to drop in and complete any or all of the open wods at CFFW. Drop in price is $20 per visit or $50 for all five open workouts. $50 must be prepaid online before the open begins. $20 drop in fees can also be paid online. Click here to prepay and complete waiver online.


+1 Point – Completion: every member of a team that completes an Open workout earns a point. Each athlete that logs their score on each week earns one point. Maximum two points per athlete per workout.

+1 Point – Top 5 Rx division- Every male AND female member who places among the Top 5 at CFFW for each workout gets extra points for their team. Top male and female overall = 5 pts. each to their team score, 2nd place overall = 4 pts, 3rd place overall = 3 pts, 4th place overall = 2 pts, 5th place overall = 1 pt.

+1 Point – Top 3 scaled division- Every male AND female member who places among the Top 3 in the scaled division at CFFW for each workout gets extra points for their team. Top male and female overall = 3 pts. each to their team score, 2nd place overall = 2 pts, 3rd place overall = 1 pt.

+5 Points (team) – Attendance: CFFW will host “Friday Night Lights”. The team with the most athletes present to complete the open wods on Friday nights each week will receive 5 bonus points. Friday nights will be open gym in the pm 3:30-7:30, with most of the action taking place 5-7:30pm.

+1 Point- Each team will earn an extra point for each team member that completes the online judges course (link below). The more judges we have the smoother the heats will run. Maximum one point per person.


Every athlete needs a judge to count for them. Judges must complete the judges course online. The more judges we have the smoother the heats will run. If you’re interested in being a judge, complete the course online and bring your certificate of completion to the gym.


Jose Gueco
Jake Butler
Morgan Chaput
Sam Turrell

Team will be chosen at 5pm on Tuesday 2/20. As soon as the captains have drafted their teams, I will post the teams on our website.
Register online now!

New Year-new you! 90 Day Gym Challenge

CFFW is partnering up with RP Strength for a 90 Day Gym Weight Loss (or possibly weight gain for some) challenge. Challenge starts Monday 1/8. Must sign up by Wednesday 1/3 to participate.

RP Strength provides personalized diet templates tailored for your muscle gain or weight loss goals. Participants also have access to RP Strength’s quick tips, serving size guides, and detailed tutorials to minimize confusion when starting.

Diet templates include:
~What to eat (a convenient list of acceptable foods for each macronutrient, ex – protein, carbs fats)
~When to eat them (based around when you train, including five separate timing options)
~How much to eat based on gender, bodyweight, and goals of weight loss or weight gain.
~Covers how to eat on non-training days, light, moderate, and hard training days (with examples and instructions of each type of workout to easily classify)

CFFW needs a minimum of 15 participants to receive 20% off individual templates. Regular price is $109. Once CFFW has 15 confirmed participants, RP strength will issue a discount code. I’ll email the code to your email and you can purchase the template directly from the RP Strength site.

RP Strength will provide a prize to the top winner of the gym. CFFW will also award a prize to the top winner based on before and after pictures.

For more information visit the RP Strength website.

See the RP RP Strength Powerpoint  for step by step info.

Here is a screenshot of a sample template. Click to enlarge.






Take the guess work out of dieting and sign up now!

Challenge starts 1/8. Deadline for sign up is 1/3 to provide enough time to receive templates, grocery shop, and meal prep.

email with any questions.


Winter Olympic Lifting Class


Beginning on January 10th, 2018, CrossFit Federal Way will offer its second Olympic Weightlifting Technique class for members.

If you are interested in taking this course, check out the details below and e-mail Margi ( and Shannon ( or sign up on the whiteboard at CFFW.

The Class

CFFW’s Olympic Weightlifting Technique Class will be held on Wednesday evenings beginning the second week of January. This 90-minute class will focus on the snatch, clean and jerk, squat, and other technical aspects of weightlifting.

The Coach

Shannon O’Neal is a USA Weightlifting (USAW) Sports Performance Coach and a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. Shannon started coaching CrossFit in 2014 and obtained her USAW Sports Performance Coach certification in 2015.

The Details

• Class Day/Time: Every Wednesday (January 10 – March 28th) from 7 PM to 8:30 PM

• Eligible Participants: Existing members of CrossFit Federal Way who have had a minimum of 12 months of CrossFit experience

• Class Size: Class will be limited to 12 participants

– The first 12 eligible individuals to sign up for the class will be guaranteed a spot

– Priority will go to CFFW members who did not participate in the first offering

– Registration for the class will begin on Sunday, December 24th and end on Sunday, January 7th

• Cost: $50 per month + tax ($165 total for the three-month duration) in addition to existing CFFW membership fee

– Membership for the class will be charged in full at the time of registration and is non-refundable