New Year-new you! 90 Day Gym Challenge

CFFW is partnering up with RP Strength for a 90 Day Gym Weight Loss (or possibly weight gain for some) challenge. Challenge starts Monday 1/8. Must sign up by Wednesday 1/3 to participate.

RP Strength provides personalized diet templates tailored for your muscle gain or weight loss goals. Participants also have access to RP Strength’s quick tips, serving size guides, and detailed tutorials to minimize confusion when starting.

Diet templates include:
~What to eat (a convenient list of acceptable foods for each macronutrient, ex – protein, carbs fats)
~When to eat them (based around when you train, including five separate timing options)
~How much to eat based on gender, bodyweight, and goals of weight loss or weight gain.
~Covers how to eat on non-training days, light, moderate, and hard training days (with examples and instructions of each type of workout to easily classify)

CFFW needs a minimum of 15 participants to receive 20% off individual templates. Regular price is $109. Once CFFW has 15 confirmed participants, RP strength will issue a discount code. I’ll email the code to your email and you can purchase the template directly from the RP Strength site.

RP Strength will provide a prize to the top winner of the gym. CFFW will also award a prize to the top winner based on before and after pictures.

For more information visit the RP Strength website.

See the RP RP Strength Powerpoint  for step by step info.

Here is a screenshot of a sample template. Click to enlarge.






Take the guess work out of dieting and sign up now!

Challenge starts 1/8. Deadline for sign up is 1/3 to provide enough time to receive templates, grocery shop, and meal prep.

email with any questions.


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