Athlete of the Month…meet Helen!

Name: Helen Belay
Age : 43
Where did you grow up? I was born in Ethiopia and raised in California.
What do you do for living? Nursing
Do you have any children? None
If money wasn’t the object what would your professional be?  Traveling each continent and visiting different CrossFit gyms.
Where is the most interesting place you’ve ever traveled? Europe
Tell us something about you we might not already know.  I Love elderly people , I love to help them out a lot.
Do you have a hidden talent?  Not really
When did you become a member at CrossFit Federal way? Summer 2016
When did your realize CrossFit is right for you?  My first WOD
What is your favorite WOD/ movement?  Except Snatch I love everything.
What is your least favorite WOD/ movement? Snatch
What is one thing you have done at CFFW that you thought you’d never do? I thought I would never be able to do an overhead squat, not even with the bar.
What advice would you give to someone just getting started with CrossFit?  There is nothing you cannot do, do it little by little, practice and ask  lot of question the coaches. In time it gets better and you can get addicted to it.
What are your goals? To do one rope climb,  pull-up, and handstand push up
What is your favorite cheat meal? Bread
Fill in the blank
I eat  vegetables
I do   CrossFit
I like  running
I am determined

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