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Tomatillo Pork Braise

The slow-cooker isn’t just a cold weather cooking tool.  It can be utilized for those days when everyone is busy or for when you need leftovers to sustain lunches throughout the week.  I’ve been making this dish for the past few years because everyone loves it and it makes a lot of food.  Tomatillos, often referred to as green tomatoes, are in the gooseberry family.  They look kind of liked green tomatoes in a papery pale green husk.  They are tart and flavorful and a staple in Mexican cooking.  They’re usually found by the herbs, ginger, or mushrooms in the grocery store.  Try some!

Tomatillo Pork Braise (from Mexican Everyday by Rick Bayless)
1 ½ lbs (10-12 medium) tomatillos, husked, rinsed, and quartered
3 garlic cloves, peeled and halved
3-4 pickled jalapenos, stemmed, halved, and seeds scraped out (alternatively, leave out and use as garnish)
8 carrots, peeled
½ cup loosely packed cilantro, divided use + more for garnish
1 ½-3 lbs pork shoulder, cut into 1” cubes (or 2 lbs chicken thighs)
1 T Worcestershire (has sugar and is therefore not paleo, could leave out, but is so tasty)

Place the tomatillos into a slow-cooker in an even layer.  Scatter the garlic, jalapeno, half of the cilantro, and the carrots.  Sprinkle evenly with 1 ½ teaspoons salt.

In a large bowl, combine the pork and Worcestershire sauce, and toss to coat.  Evenly distribute the meat over the tomatillos and carrots.  Cover and slow-cook for 4-6 hours, depending on how hot your slow-cooker cooks.  You want the pork to fall apart easily.

With tongs, remove the pork and carrots to a bowl.  Remove the tomatillo mixture to a blender, add the remaining cilantro, and blend until smooth.  Chop the carrots to your desired size.  Add everything back into the slow-cooker, warm through, and serve with cilantro leaves and/or pickled jalapenos as garnish.


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Congrats to Tricia and Curtis for winning the 90 day challenge. They lost tons of weight, decrease their body fat percentage, and increased their strength and stamina. Way to go guys!!!

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