Friday Night Lights

2017 Crossfit Open…Register Now!

The 2017 Reebok Crossfit Open starts on Thursday February 23th, 2017. Just like last year, CFFW will host Friday Night Lights. Friday Night Lights is basically an open gym on Friday evenings to get together with your team and perform the Open workout of the week, hours are 3:30-7:30pm.

Although many CFFWers have already registered for the open, some of you still have reservations. I want to reassure you that this is ALL ABOUT FUN!!! The focus of the CFFW Open is to bond together as a community, push ourselves a little harder than we normally would, and have tons of fun. You will not hold your team back, it doesn’t matter if you’re not the best athlete in the gym (I’m not either!), there are plenty of ways to earn points for your team and a top score is only one of them (see point values below). This event is going to be a blast and if you don’t sign up you’re going to be very sad to be left out of all the festivities. We will not be doing costumes this year. We will do color wars instead. Each team captain will pick a team color and your team will wear the chosen color to Friday Night Lights.

Register here, and CHOOSE CFFW AS YOUR TEAM. (We cannot add you to the team, you must select your team from your athlete page.)


+1 Point – Completion: every member of a team that completes an Open workout earns a point. Each athlete that logs their score on each week earns one point. Maximum two points per athlete per workout.

+1 Point – Top 5 Rx division- Every male AND female member who places among the Top 5 at CFFW for each workout gets extra points for their team. Top male and female overall = 5 pts. each to their team score, 2nd place overall = 4 pts, 3rd place overall = 3 pts, 4th place overall = 2 pts, 5th place overall = 1 pt.

+1 Point – Top 3 scaled division- Every male AND female member who places among the Top 3 in the scaled division at CFFW for each workout gets extra points for their team. Top male and female overall = 3 pts. each to their team score, 2nd place overall = 2 pts, 3rd place overall = 1 pt.

+5 Points (team) – Attendance: CFFW will host “Friday Night Lights”. The team with the most athletes present to complete the open wods on Friday nights each week will receive 5 bonus points. Friday nights will be open gym in the pm 3:30-7:30, with most of the action taking place 5-7:30pm.

+1 Point- Each team will earn an extra point for each team member that completes the online judges course (link below). The more judges we have the smoother the heats will run. Maximum one point per person.


Every athlete needs a judge to count for them. Judges must complete the judges course online. The more judges we have the smoother the heats will run. If you’re interested in being a judge, complete the course online and bring your certificate of completion to the gym.


Corey Dill
Jake Butler
Morgan Chaput
Marci Magarrell

Team will be chosen at 5pm on Tuesday 2/22. As soon as the captains have drafted their teams, I will post the teams on our website.
Register online now and let’s start this party!

CFFW represented at the Trident Athletics weightlifting meet

Beyond impressed with these amazing ladies. Awesome job at the Trident Athletics Weightlifting Meet. Morgan took 13th and Emily took 17th out of 29 and Shannon took first place!!

Trident Classic Olympic Weightlifting Meet

ShanO, Morgan, and Emily have their first weightlifting meet this Sunday 2/12 at Trident Crossfit. Please go support your badass CFFW ladies!!

Go to the Crossfit Federal Way Facebook page for event details.

Sick of eggs? Try some of these variations

It’s generally about this time during a clean eating challenge that people get bored of eggs.  There are only so many times you can eat hard-boiled or scrambled eggs.  They are so good for you and should be an integral part of your diet.  Here is a round up of recipes posted here over the years and recipes from across the web.  Hopefully you find something to reinvigorate your love of the humble egg and are able to incorporate it back into your daily routine.  Enjoy!

Hard-boiled eggs– a classic, portable, and possibly the cause of your boredom but still a staple
Frittata– make extra veggies at dinner and then make a frittata.  Refrigerate it and then warm it in the morning on your way out the door.  Easy.
Egg cups or egg cupcakes– super versatile!  You can use virtually anything in the fridge to make these a vegetable and protein powerhouse.
Brussel sprout hash with fried eggs– a weekend staple, so delicious
Avocado egg salad- a really great way to use up hard-boiled eggs, a delicious snack
Deviled eggs– nobody makes a better deviled egg than my grandma and these are modeled after her’s.  Great football eats.
Poached eggs on greens with bacon- similar to the brussel sprouts but different and a great way to use up all of your chard and spinach growing in your garden.
Crepes– savory or sweet, these are a huge hit
Sausage egg “mcmuffin”– from NomNom, looks tasty!  I’m sure you could make some of these on Sunday and have ready in the fridge for quick grab ‘n go breakfasts.
Baked egg skillet- looks like something everyone would like.

Feel free to add your favorite egg dishes in the comments!

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