Thursday sotts press

Box squats

Farmers carry & Turkish get-up Tuesday 

Monday OHS 🏋🏽

Fall Clean Eating Challenge

CFFW will host a 60 Day Clean Eating Challenge this September to get everyone back on track after all the summer fun!

Monday September 11th to Monday November 6th. Sign up on the whiteboard at the back of the gym.

Monday Sept. 11th from 6am-8pmHydrostatic Dunk Tank aka The Fat Truck will be at CFFW to get pre-challenge numbers. Wear a bathing suit, bring a towel. I will put the sign up sheets on the front counter as soon as I receive them in the mail.

Participants may choose the diet plan of their choice; Whole30, Paleo Diet, 21 Day Sugar Detox, The Zone Diet, IIFYM (tracking macros), etc.

Buy in is $100 per person– The money covers the pre and post dunk tank and the rest goes into the pot for the winners. Give your cash to the trainer or email me to charge your cc on file

The top two winners will split the prize money. Winners will be based on total fat loss and lean muscle gain.

Clean Eating resources:


Planning for Paleo

Practical Tips

Online Resources

Email me anytime with any questions you may have at Let the clean eating begin!


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