OPEN GYM is not CANCELLED on 10/26

Open Gym is NOT cancelled Sunday 10/26. Allison will be there for all of your Sunday WOD needs and I bet she will let you watch the hawks game too.





CFFW Battle of the box

The Crossfit Open is just around the corner and CFFW is hosting a friendly Battle of The Box to get everyone ready and excited for the open! See the weekly wods tab for details.

Food Swap

They say it takes a village and never has this been truer since having kids.  Family and friends have come through for us in more ways than I can count and we are forever grateful.  In the case of friends with kids we always offer to take their kids when needed, and when family is involved we repay kindnesses with favorite libations or food.  It always comes back to food.

Recently, five of us from the village organized ourselves into a food swap.  We’re all busy families with kids who wod hard and eat healthy (most of the time).  Our stipulations for the food swap was the meals needed to feed 4-6, be paleo, and freezable.  Once we figured out who was going to make what, we went our separate ways to procure items. I found most food items at Costco and food containers at Cash ‘n Carry.  I spent a Sunday making five of the same dinner, one for us to eat that night, and then one for each of the families.  We met up, exchanged dinners, and I went home with four different meals.  Here’s what we made:

Shepherd’s Pie made with real mashed potatoes instead of cauliflower and sweet potato puree

Chili made with ground beef instead of roast beef

Man-Pleasing Chicken

Chicken with Chimichurri

Butternut Squash Lasagna

I don’t need to explain how convenient it is to reach into the freezer, grab something, and throw it in the oven.  The problem with prepared frozen foods from the grocery store is the ingredients: sugar, sodium, and artificial ingredients make it less than desirable.  Knowing each of the dinners we exchanged was paleo and made with quality ingredients took the stress out of feeding my family on a busy weeknight.  While the dinner was warming through, I made a salad, did some laundry, and the kids worked on homework.

We all whole-heartedly recommend this process, so much so that we’ve already decided on meals for round two.  It might seem expensive and time consuming up front, but it’s well worth it when your freezer is full of healthy, delicious dinners that you didn’t have to shop for, prepare, and clean-up.

So while you’re working on strength and chatting with your gym friends, figure out who is going to make what dish and an exchange date.  What better place to find people who eat like you do than at the gym!  We’ve got an amazing community of athletes and cooks; take advantage of your village and fill your freezer with healthful, tasty meals.  And share your recipes in the comments!


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