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CFFW Gym Competition/Crossfit Liftoff

CFFW will host a fun gym competition on Saturday November 5th. Sign up for the competition on the back whiteboard at the gym. The competition will consist of 1 rep max snatch, 1 rep max clean & jerk, and a 3rd WOD to be released by the Crossfit Liftoff Competition on 11/3. We will have an Rx and scaled division since we do not know the components of the third workout. Gym opens at 8am. First heat will start at 8:30 and we will finish around 11am.

Athletes need to sign up for the competition by close of business on Thursday 11/3. Heats will be released on Friday 11/4. Athletes that do not sign up by Thursday will not be assigned to heat times and will not be allowed to participate in the events on the day of the competition.

Athletes can sign up for the official Crossfit Liftoff Competition and get their scores validated at CFFW or simply come to the gym on Saturday 11/5 and do all of the workouts for fun. The official Crossfit Liftoff competition is open Thurs-Sun like the Crossfit Open workouts and the athletes will be compared by weight class.
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