Last call for sweatshirt preorders!

Please get your size/style/color to me by tomorrow night. The preorder form has been at the gym for a couple of weeks so I think everyone has placed their order. If you still want to order an item send an email to

Here’s a quick recap:

Unisex Digital Black pullover hoodie $50 (no zipper)
Women’s wide neck fleece sweatshirt black or light grey $45 (flashdance style)

I’m placing the order tomorrow and will charge everyone for their preordered items after the order is placed. I’ve included the art mock ups as well as pictures of the actual sweatshirts below.








15.1 and 15.a CFFW Intramural Update

Week 1 is in the books and what a success it was. Friday Night Lights was phenomenal!!! We had a record number of athletes at the gym and the atmosphere was electric. Everyone did an amazing job and there were tons of PRs, lots of great team work, and some pretty sweet outfits too. CFFW had a record high 52 athletes sign up for the CFFW CF Open Intramural Team Extravaganza and an extra 5 athletes that missed the team deadline but still signed up for the open. Of the 57 total athletes signed up for the open 56 completed the wod and 54 logged their scores on the Crossfit Games website. Here’s a breakdown of the team leaderboard.

1st Place- Team Jaguars (Corey) 52 points
2nd Place- Team Wall Balls Deep (Marci) 48 points
3rd Place- Team S.H.I.T. (Robert) 47 points
4th Place- Team Care Bear Stare (Naomi) 39 points

Top Finishers
15.1- Men
5 pts. 1. Kurt G. 175 reps
4 pts. 2. Eric S. 160 reps
3 pts. 3. Matt W. 154 reps
2 pts. 4. Marshall 153 reps
1 pt. 5. Derek 152 reps

15.1- Women
5 pts. 1. Ashley 158 reps
4 pts. 2. Nicole 154 reps
3 pts. 3. Marci 150 reps
2 pts. 4. Kelly F. 148 reps
1 pt. 5. Sam Z. 129 reps

15.1a- Men
5 pts. 1. Derek 280#
4 pts. 2. Marshall 267#
3 pts. 3. Stuart 245#
2 pts. 4. Corey 237#
1 pt. 5. Chase 235# (tie goes to the lowest body weight)

15.1a- Women
5 pts. 1. Nicole 172#
4 pts. 2. Shannon O. 167#
3 pts. 3. Margi 167#
2 pts. 4. Marci 162#
1 pt. 5. Naomi 155#

Team S.H.I.T. earmed 5 bonus points for best superhero outfits, Trever’s robe sealed the deal. Team Care Bear Scare won 5 bonus points for the best attendance at Friday Night Lights. In addition to the outfit and attendance bonus points, each team earned one point per athlete that completed the wod, 1 pt. per athlete that posted their score to CF, 1 pt. per athlete that completed the online judges course, and 1-5 points for the top finishers (listed above).

Here’s a link to a custom Crossfit Games Leaderboard for CFFW. The leaderboard shows the overall standings of individual athletes after combining scores for 15.1 and 15.1a. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in week 2. Bring on 15.2!!!

Happy Monday! 

Friday night lights

Follow the link to our Facebook page. I added 95 photos of 15.1.


Clean eating challenge winners

Congratulations to Paul V. and Kelly F. for winning the clean eating challenge!!! They lost a total of 7.4% body fat and 21.4 pounds. Great job!!

Second place goes to the spectacular sister duo Stacy C and Karrie! They lost a total of 6% body fat.

There were lots of other outstanding results and just in time for the CF Open!

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