Happy Sunday!

Sunday mornings are my favorite.  Everything seems slowed down, yesterday’s sense of urgency has dissipated, the checklist of weekend to-do’s has been whittled away.  Coffee, cartoons.  And the internet.  Sunday mornings are spent catching up on all of the news and events of the week that are overlooked due to hectic schedules.  Slow it down, refresh your cuppa, and kick back.

I’m sure by this point you’ve all heard of the earthquake in Nepal, and subsequent avalanche on Mt. Everest.  Devastating.  But have you looked at it from this perspective?  Grace and Hope Found Amid the Destruction of the Nepal Earthquake by Donatella Lorch

Tips for minimizing taxes for 2015 from The Seattle Times

Chorizo and Spinach Stuffed Sweet Potatoes from Primal Palate.  Make enough for 5 and lunch for the week is done.

Spend $15 on produce  at QFC get $5 off with this digital coupon

Alabama Shakes came out with a new album.

From Tabata Times, “How Do You Express Your Fitness?” and make sure you watch the video!

And it’s supposed to be 75 degrees tomorrow!  Get out and do something fun!  Walk/run/bike Ruston.  Wander through the Wetlands.  Play a round of golf, take your kids to the park and show them how to do pull ups on the monkey bars.  Picnic at the beach, Frisbee, softball.  Yardwork!  Whatever it is you love to do, get out and absorb some much needed vitamin D.

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